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Cyborg Bear


In this piece I had to make a character in Illustrator ( first time using Illustrator) for FA284 Graphic Class. I wasn’t to sure what

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A Blank Canvas


In regrading to this post I found that number 4 was the most helpful. “(Take responsibility for your work, develop sustainable working habits)”. At times

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Future Construction


My site name is, and it contains a custom tagline, because changing the font would have change most of the menu fonts. The site

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Color Blind


I used to have a hard time mixing and combining colors for Photoshop. For example color schemes would look off and weird. The colors

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Masked Leonardo


I started cutting pieces from the original photo so I can work in the Photoshop. I did this so it will be easier

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Go Green


I always like how¬†Leonardo DiCaprio always acted, because his acting style is really unique he’s calm and spontaneous style of acting is the type

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