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Color Blind


I used to have a hard time mixing and combining colors for Photoshop. For example color schemes would look off and weird. The colors

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Masked Leonardo


I started cutting pieces from the original photo so I can work in the Photoshop. I did this so it will be easier

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Go Green


I always like how Leonardo DiCaprio always acted, because his acting style is really unique he’s calm and spontaneous style of acting is the type

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So I Heard You Like Fonts

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 1.08.51 PM

In this post I would like to share a resource that I’ve been using couple of years now. It’s called Font Squirrel. I normally use

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9 out of 18


I found that the interesting work I think that I’ve did is “Lost Child in the Dark”. I would say this is my favorite blog

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Shiny Like Silk


So I made an assignment on ds106, and I think this it’s would really be fun if people try drawing something at this site called “Weavesilk” .

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The Old Clock & Headphones


So I found this on the daily create, and taught that this would be fun to experiment. I really like the old detail drawing, because

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Lost Child In The Dark


So I was trying out this assignment and I have to say this assignment was very interesting. I found the new adaption of the 800%

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I’m A Shred Head


I was looking around  assignment bank, and I found this assignment. It’s a rock’n’roll assignment that make a GIF  of  your favorite performer. My favorite

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Nothing but Mash


In this assignment I decided to make a mash-up of two really good movies I’ve seen a while back. The main base of the Movie

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