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I found that the interesting work I think that I’ve did is “Lost Child in the Dark”. I would say this is my favorite blog post, because I never expected that my music would be even more creepier when it would be slowed down at 800 %.  The type of inspiration I get for creating work is just by looking at other designs for example, if I wanted to make a poster. I would on Pinterest and browse around and ask myself what I can find interesting and is it too time consuming? or is this simple enough so I can do for class [ I have other classes]. My motivation is mostly pushing myself or  challenging myself to increase my skills in various fields; such as Photoshop, Video editing and Audio editing.

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  • Betsy

    I love the quote. The Lost Child in the Dark post is really interesting. I listened to the songs and there is a major difference. The slowed down version is really cool.
    I look for Pinterest for inspiration also. In addition, I want to challenge myself in creating advanced Photoshop art.
    Great Post!

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