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This is a movie poster that I was working on, but never had the time to post it. I find it ironic that I post it on the 12/12/2014 even though this work was completed around 2 months ago.

So in this piece I used a good amount of outside elements. The Gas Mask is made by “Free Vector” and the background I got here, but since the link is down I’ll just upload it here.



Basically it’s a clipping mask to create the effect of the┬ácityscape inside of the gas mask. Next as to create a soft radial gradient, and then draw a box with a movie title underneath the gas mask. Now do the same clipping effect for the movie text as the gas mask, but using the same cityscape background. Now for the bottom ┬ámovie text you should go to Poster Credits, and download anyone you think looks suitable. Now you can make up a movie quote, and place the text above the gas mask. Now add a soft grid, and your website name in the bottom.

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