Lost Child In The Dark


So I was trying out this assignment and I have to say this assignment was very interesting. I found the new adaption of the 800% slowed  was quite unique, because most of the songs I tried was from the band Annihilator . The sounds that were produce was very scary and spooky environment, for most of the songs I tried. I didn’t mind the spooky sounds, because I found the new sounds to be great and can be used in Halloween themes. I also watched this video to help get acclimated with the program “Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch“, which can be downloaded here  (Windows Version).

Here is the original song

Here is the slowed 800 % version.

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  • Brittany

    is this crazy that I’m listening to this while studying for an exam, I find it rather peaceful lol

    • admin

      :D Thank You

  • Michael Branson Smith

    What a crazy flood to your senses this version is! So glad you did this. We definitely need to invite the class to do this assignment too.

    How about a next step? As a contrast, take a piece of video and lengthen it as well, then apply your new soundtrack. Or maybe do the opposite with the visual and compress it and make it super fast. The contrast could be really cool.

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