The Old Clock & Headphones


So I found this on the daily create, and taught that this would be fun to experiment. I really like the old detail drawing, because it makes the clock stands out in a drawing. I also love the fact how ” Fig.1 and Fig.2″ was drawn and it looked stylish. I found the Inventors signature was professionally signed in a bold pen. For the fist daily example I got my background  from here . For the headphones background I used this one here.



I made a Photoshop tutorial on how to create the same effects, with a different background that is  located here. (keep in mind that these are really large image files.) Also I am using Photoshop CC. So when I am changing my Brush sizes please use the short cuts “[   ]” while using the brush tool. Also here is google patent search.

Organ Keyboard



Old Clock


Patent Headphones

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  • Michael Branson Smith

    I loved this assignment as well. And you’ve chosen some cool pieces of technology’s origins – the headphones with microphone dating back to 1960! I wonder if they had Skype? ;)

    Think about giving more description to your process – how did make and/or where did the backgrounds come from? How did you layer the patent image over the background? Link to the patents!

    And consider making connections between the patents you chose to your thinking. Obviously you chose these for a reason and I’d love to know why.

    • admin

      Well fixed most of it, Yeah I accidentally Published this post and did not saved it as a draft. You should have saw my face how salty it was lol. This time I did another one blueprint, and I made a tutorial on how to apply the same effects to the Vintage Blueprint Project.

  • Chereese

    Interesting. It’s crazy that you can make all these things.

    • admin


  • http://YourWebsite rosanna singh

    I like this, it is very creative and very distinctive. It reminds me of ancient artifacts, which is a big deal for me.

    • admin


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