M14 BlackJackal

This is a retexture of the M14

Business Class Insurgents

This replaces all Insurgents. [Plane Hijacking Theme] (retextured)

Armor & Vest Hud

This mod replaces the old Icons Armor ,Vest and supply Icons with new ones.

mp40 Vintage

UMP-45 Black Echo

Famas | Zero Target

SG 556 Head Hunter

AWP Black Dawn

MP7 Black Dawn

Cyborg Bear Character

This is a Concept Art made in Illustrator

RPG Primal

Doberman Logo

Doberman is one of my favorite dogs

Makarov Russian Roulette

IED Primal

BlackJackal Logo

This is the site's Mascot

P90 Glory Kill

Ain't Nothing But A Glory Kill

King Logo

Who Doesn't Feel Like A King

Business Card


My Heavy Team


P90 Eye Of Horus

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Happy Halloween

Doctane Suppressors / Silencers

This is a Mod Suppressors that I've made for a game called Insurgency.

Piece of Cake

This is a Sticker or Logo made for the Food Industry

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